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Shanghai Meimei Industrial Co., Ltd
Address: 2F, No 24, 885 Long, Shilong Road
Postal code:200237
一、Basic qualification for joining us
1、 Natural person or enterprise as a legal person having capacity to bear civil liability independently;
2、 Having a brand consciousness, view for long-term development, corresponding investment capacity and venture consciousness;
3、 Having a certain understanding for Meimei brand, understanding and agreeing with Meimei's brand culture, operation and management culture and its fashion operation concept;
4、 Having a certain business experience in clothing or other industry, more strong consciousness in brand operation, a confidence for win-win cooperative;
5、 Having good credit and business reputation in local place, having a willingness for cooperation, can join in the operation and management in person, cooperate with company to feedback the market information;
6、 The operator of store should have a purchasing fund and current capital according to the region and area of the store he/she applied;
7、 The store must be located at a busy business area in the city with large of population flow and convenient transportation;
8、 All of decoration outside and inside store, advertising poster and lamp box making should strictly according to decoration plan provided by headquarter company,

二、 Qualification of franchise general agent (base on above conditions)
1、 having a correspondent investment capacity and good credit standing, and having a good investment mentality;
2、 Pay for market buy-out fee (agency fee) and business deposit according to the grade of franchise region or market.
3、 Cooperation term in surrogate contract should be more than 2 years.
4、 Having a capacity to make a expanding goal for the market in franchise region (store opening amount and so on), and complete the sales plan.
5、 Having a capacity to implement company's working requirement to store.
6、 Having a basic working capacity for logistics; cooperating with company and feedback the market information.

三、 Qualification on franchise store
1、 Having a capacity to invest more than ¥ 100 thousand Yuan and good business credit.
2、 Pay for franchise royalty fee and deposit.
3、 More than 50 square meter operation area and more than 30 square meter
4、 Having a brand consciousness and long-time view for development.
5、 Having a good capacity to cooperate with company for display, management and promotion of the products.
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