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Shanghai Meimei Industrial Co., Ltd
Address: 2F, No 24, 885 Long, Shilong Road
Postal code:200237
“Be the Artwork of Chinese Costume”, is the motto of MeiMei Company’s personalized service, which goes along with the achievements made by Ms. Salina, the founder of MeiMei Company, in the areas of Chinese costume designing and arts in-and-out of the country.
Now, you have a chance to wear a limited-edition of Chinese costume designed by Ms. Salina, who has won golden medal of the Second National Exhibition for Art Works of Artistic Technical Masters in China, and has been recorded twice in the Guinness World Records. Every year, there are only 10 customers can have this feast of art.
“Making the Perfection with Carefulness” is a slogan of MeiMei Company’s personalized service. 10 pieces of limited-edition per year, is just for making fantastic products with all our best. We inherit the technique of hand-making Winding Buttons, the Chinese Non-material Cultural Heritage, and hold the record of the Pair of Gowns with Dragons and Phoenixes in the Guinness World Records. And the limit-edition of 10 in 1 year will bring you not only the personalized service and top-class design, but also the Winding Buttons and embroiders of dragons and phoenixes that can be found only in art galleries. This kind of Chinese costume is valuable in both ways of Art appreciation and collection, for its distinguished appearance and high-class taste of art.
Every year we will release 10 order forms of the limited edition Chinese costume, with a time limit. We arrange the orders by the time we receive them. After receiving 10 orders, we will not accept the following orders in the same year, no matter how you love and desire to have one. Of course, you can reserve an order for the next year advanced, or you can just wait the one of 10 customers gives up his chance, if he would. In 3 months after making the limited-edition of Chinese costume for a customer, we will transfer his other chance in the same year to the next customer if we don’t have his new reservation.
MeiMei Company’s garment manufacturing and mass production also take the service principle of careful design and perfect quality. We welcome all kinds of orders from all over the country, including the mass design and production of Chinese uniform, clothing accessories, Chinese jewelry, etc. We will provide you the most reliable product with best design, high quality, thoughtful service and as soon as we could.
“Making the Perfection with Carefulness”, and we are always your best choice.

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