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The former name of Shanghai Meimei Industrial Co., Ltd was Shanghai Meimei Fashion Co., Ltd, which was registered and established in Shanghai in 1998. It is a specialized company mainly engaging in custom-made top grade Chinese style and western style apparel, and top grade craft ornaments. After years of hard working, Shanghai Meimei Industrial Co., Ltd. has become an influential clothing brand in domestic by its excellent .……  
Shanghai Meimei Industrial Co., Ltd
Address: 2F, No 24, 885 Long, Shilong Road
Postal code:200237
Fashion design (several) 2009-5-21
Fashion pattern maker (2) 2009-5-21
Fashion sample producer (several): 2009-5-21
Market researcher (1) 2009-5-21
Market salesman (2) 2009-5-21
Product development researcher (5) 2009-5-21
Order coordinator (3) 2009-5-21

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